INP Online

INP – Online is our first dedicated Virtual Weekly Meeting.  Join us on Zoom to experience what INP has to offer for you and your business.  How do you join us?

First, download Zoom from here (if you are in the USA):
Next, join the Meeting below:
Meeting Leader:  Stephen C. Plasco
Weekly Meeting:

Thursdays – 2:00pm – 3:30pm (EST)

Passcode:  Moments

Contact Info:

Phone – (484) 680-5097
E-mail –

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If you are NOT familiar with Zoom, please review the following link before the meeting in order to jump right in to the meeting at the scheduled time:

*INP Online is available to anyone in the world.  We are not geographically located for participation, however the Meeting itself originates from the Philadelphia, PA (USA) area, so all meeting times are in EST. 

*Currently, INP – Online is for English Speakers only.

*INP Online will never interfere with any Geographically Located Meeting.